Have your say on the Spirit of Taipei
2015 The Spirit of Taipei Photo Essay Contest Regulations

I. Intro:

Wandering in Taipei City, you will see the passion and spirit of its residents are shown in every corner of this beloved City. There is always a group of hard-working people holding up to their beliefs of making their home a better place. These people are truly the soul of this City. It is because of them, every corner of the City carries a unique feature. Through the 2015 The Spirit of Taipei Photo Essay Contest, we encourage you, the Souls of the City, to speak out your very own Spirit of Taipei.

II. Organizer:
  Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government
III. Submission Deadline:
  April 12th, 2015. Postal submission must be postmarked by April 12th, 2015.
IV. Eligibility:
  The Contest is open to all regardless of nationality. Each individual can submit a maximum of one entry, in MANDARIN or ENGLISH.
V. Registration Guidelines
i. Online Submission: Click “Registration, ”complete the online registration form and upload your entry, including subject sentence, essay, and ONE photo.
ii. Postal Submission:
Download the registration form on the official website, or use your own A4 paper, write the subject sentence and essay on the front page, attach your photo to the bottom left. At the back of the page, please specify your basic information and contact information. Please seal your entry in an envelope and mail it to Central area, 4F, No.1, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11008. Team of the Spirit of Taipei, Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Governmentby REGISTERED MAIL. Please specify the following on the cover: Entry for 2015 the Spirit of Taipei Photo Essay Contest.
VI. Submission Guidelines

Use one subject sentence to express your opinion on “The Spirit of Taipei,” in addition to a picture and an essay up to 300 words to help demonstrate your ideas. Please find submission details below.

i. Subject Sentence: Submit your essay beginning with: “The Spirit of Taipei is……” (Sentence is limited to a maximum of 20 words, both English word and number are counted as 1 word.)
ii. 300-word Essay: Write an essay to help explain your thoughts underlying the subject sentence. Essay can include a person, a view, an object, a piece of history, an attitude, or a story, etc.
iii. Picture: It can be either a photograph or a picture, drawing, etc. There is no specific limitation as to what theme the entry should be about, however, it should be using Taipei City as the main topic or background. For the pictures using online registration, the size of the pictures should not exceed 2MB; and as for the postal submission pictures, the size of the pictures should not be smaller than 4x6 inch (10x15cm).

Please note that any entry that fails to follow the guidelines mentioned above will be disqualified regardlessly.

VII. Nomination Methods and Criteria
  There will be a two-phase review. Including:
i. Preliminary Review: The judging panel will review all the entries received by the deadline and nominate up to 30 entries to continue to the second review phase.
ii. Public Voting: A public voting will be held at the second phase. The first, second, and third place will be selected according to the number of votes each entry receives.

For more details and the scoring system, please see below:

Preliminary Review

  1. Judging panel includes experts of city development, cultural and creative industry professionals, celebrity travelers, public figures from social welfare institutions, and entrepreneurs.
  2. An internet live broadcast of the preliminary review will be provided, the actual date and time will be issued later.
  3. Scoring criteria:
    (1) Accuracy of representing the spirit of Taipei: 50%
    (2) Fluency and inspirations: 30%
    (3) Artistic and narrative photography: 20%

Public Voting

  1. On the official website, click on Taipei City Government “i-Voting” system to vote for your favorite entry.
  2. There will be an exhibition held for the 30 nominated entries, visitors would be able to vote for their favorite entries at the event, those who have voted online would not be eligible to vote at the event. The information of the exhibition will be issued later.
  3. Online votes and votes from the exhibition will be added together. The top 3 entries with most votes will be selected as the final winners.
  4. Public voting dates and time (Taipei Time GMT+8):
    Online Voting: From May 7th, 2015 to May 28th, 2015 (12 P.M.)
    Exhibition Voting: From May 26th, 2015 to May 28th, 2015 (12 P.M.)
VIII. Award and Prize Details



Number of Place

First Place

  1. NTD 30,000
  2. A Certificate


Second Place

  1. NTD 8,000
  2. A Certificate


Third Place

  1. NTD 5,000
  2. A Certificate


Note 1: Winner of the First Place will be working with professional design team to help design the logo of the Spirit of Taipei.

Note 2: All 30 nominated entries will be included in the Collection of the Spirit of Taipei.
IX. Public Voting Raffle
i. Raffle Regulation: Each individual will get one raffle to vote for nominated entries, and is limited to winning a maximum of one prize per winner. Prizes and winners will be declared on the official website, and in the meantime, winners will be given information about award-claiming by E-mail or phone call.
ii. Raffle Prizes:

  1. Prizes for Online Voting Raffle:




iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi version 16G, color: random)



Portable battery pack charger



NTD1,000 gift cards



Taipei City cultural and creative products




Raffle Dates:

  1. The drawing for the raffle would be held at the Exhibition at the afternoon of May 28th, 2015.
  2. The organizers will contact the prize-winners within one week after the announcement of winners. All the prizes will be shipped within 7 business days after we successfully contact the winners.
X. Award Announcement

The final winners of the Contest and the raffle will be announced on the official website of “The Spirit of Taipei” on June 1st, 2015.

XI. Notes

Every individual is entitled to submit only one entry, and the submitted entry (including picture and essay) must be the original creation of the Contestant. Entries submitted shall not be publically released, previously award-winning or published, shall not have joined any other contests, and shall not infringe copyright. If any entries are found to be plagiarized, forged, infringe copyright, or to violate any domestic laws and regulations, such as: inclusion of any sexual, violent, defamatory, insulting, religious, political, or inappropriate contents, invasion of privacy, extreme or outrageous conduct that exceeds the bounds of decency accepted by society, the Contestant will be disqualified and will take all legal responsibilities.


In order to promote this contest, the Contestants must sign the Letter of Authorization and Affidavit. Once the entries are nominated, the Contestants are deemed to agree to grant copyright of the entries to the Taipei City Government and any person authorized by the Taipei City Government, who may use the entries in various ways, such as copy, public demonstration, public transmission, modifications, dissemination, etc., with the duration, time and place of such use are not limited, and promise to never exercise their moral rights.

iii. Contestants should keep their own copies of the original entries or files; any entries that have been submitted will not be returned to the Contestants. Every entry, once screened by the Organizers and confirmed to follow the regulations, guidelines, terms, and according laws, will be shared publically on the official website of “The Spirit of Taipei”, including those submitted through mail.
iv. When joining the Contest, all Contestants must complete the form with accurate information. In order to verify Contestant identity and also to keep records for contacting prize-winners, our system will ask every Contestant to fill in their personal information, such as their full name, mobile phone number, E-mail address, etc. The usages of personal information in this Contest are in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

Every prize-winner will be taxed in accordance with the Income Tax Act, for more details on taxation please visit the official website of the Ministry of Finance (http://www.mof.gov.tw).

vi. All the cash prizes will be submitted by direct bank deposits. The winners must provide a bank account registered in Taiwan R.O.C., and should also turn in their copies of Identity Cards (Non-Taiwanese citizens should submit a copy of their passport).

All the raffle prizes will be delivered to the winners through mail (including overseas). If the prize-winners of the Raffles fail to provide their personal information and mailing information within two weeks after the announcement of the winners, cannot be reached within 7 days of the announcement, or refuse to issue tax withholding vouchers, the prize-winners are deemed to disclaim their rights, therefore the organizers will randomly draw for the next substitute winners. Prizes cannot be altered, transferred, or cashed. Each individual is entitled to only one chance of winning the Raffle. Prizes cannot be returned once they are claimed.

viii. Entry into this Contest is deemed as an agreement to all of its terms, regulations, guidelines, and conditions. The organizers reserve the right to make additional explanations or amendments at any time if needed, all the regulations and terms would be based on the latest version issued on the official website. The organizers reserve the right of modification and the right of final interpretation to any contents regarding the Contest and Awards.

The employees of the organizers (the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government) and the executives cannot join the Contest nor the raffle.


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